Coco Amine

 Molecular Formula:C38H46N2O8

Application: To produce fertilizer anti-caking agent, nonic surfatants,flotation collertor, thickner,phytohydroxylamine antioxidant,daily chemical personal care, textile, demulsifier, dye, pigment, antistatic agent, emulsifier,  wetting agent, dispersant, etc., can be used in agricultural chemicals, fungicides,fertilizer,flotation, dyes and pigments,paper additive industry..


Coco Amine is an important intermediate of cationic and amphoteric surfactants.

It is widely used in mineral floating agent, waterproof softener of fiber, dyeing assistant, anti-static agent, pigment dispersant, anti-rusting agent, anti-caking agent of fertilizer, additives of lubricating oil, germicide, etc.

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Trade   NameChemical NameCAS No.ContentPackage
PNA-COCoco Amine61788-46-398%160kg/drum